Why You Should Use WordPress?


Probably you are wondering why you should use WordPress, or why is WordPress better than the site you are using today, and you are yet to get a convincing answer to this questions. Most of you still believe that WordPress is a platform for bloggers, which is partly true given its past, but not correct given its current functionality. WordPress has transformed over time into a multi-functional Content Management System. To add on its ability to create a simple blog, you can use it to build a fully operational mobile applications and websites. Below are convincing factors on why you should use WordPress.

It is a free software

Gives you the freedom to download install, utilize and alter its functionality to suit your preferred needs. It allows you to create any kind of website. Its source code is in open for anyone to learn and modify. All you are expected to have so as to run WordPress is a domain and a web hosting.  The fact that WordPress is an open source, makes it community software. Its maintenance task is done by volunteers most of whom consult for word press with the aim of maintaining and growing WordPress.

Easy to use and learn

The reason behind massive users and frequent joining of WordPress is because of its ease to learn and use. It is quickly adaptable. To add on this, there are numerous articles, and step by step guides written for beginner WordPress users. There are also tutorials on how to install WordPress, and how to execute other WordPress functions.

Friendly to search engines

Compatibility to search engines is a crucial component. WordPress is coded high-quality code that has conformed to the standards, and generates semantic mark-ups that make your site appealing to search engines. WordPress is designed to be SEO friendly, and by using WordPress SEO plugin, you can be able to improve its SEO use.

It is easy to manage

Management is important when you want to achieve good results. WordPress has made its management simpler by creating a built-in updater that makes it easier for you to update your plugins and themes on your word press admin dashboard. In case of a new version of WordPress, it will give you a notification so that you can update it just by pressing a button.


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